Welcome to Gestalt Research Press

Gestalt Research Press is a new project of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT). The EAGT Research Committee overseeing this project aims to create a series of books on research and research methodology that Gestalt practitioners might use as manuals. It also aims to publish books more widely on research in Gestalt therapy. Gestalt Research Press was established with Jan Roubal, Peter Schulthess, and Philip Brownell as Editors. Several members of the EAGT Research Committee joined the initial staff of the press as Associate Editors (see “staff”).

To further elaborate, Gestalt Research Press will be publishing works related to the philosophy of science that grounds research in gestalt therapy, relevant research methodology, salient topics pertinent to the emerging research tradition for gestalt therapy, and relevant research pertaining to gestalt therapy and its applications in organizational development, coaching, and social activism.

In addition, this site will provide information regarding significant events in the evolution of gestalt research. One such event was the research methods training seminar conducted by the EAGT in Rome during early May, 2014.  The picture above was taken at that seminar.

Please note: In order to comment or take part in any discussion, people need to register to the site. Registration is by request.  Write to: phil at gestaltresearchpress dot org asking to be registered.  You will be added manually, and a return email will give you your username and password.


  1. Alessandra Merizzi

    I am very excited too and very glad to be part of it. Many thanks to all the staff. My best wishes to everyone 🙂


    Welcome to all and thank you for this initiative ! Best, Astrid

  3. Mark Reck

    I am excited with the creation of GRP. I cannot wait to see all the great things to come of this. Best wishes to you all!

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